Monday, October 09, 2006

"If I Should Die Today"

If I should die-today-
Would I have lived in vain?
If I should lose my all-right now-
What would I gain?

What treasures do I have in store,
What mansions in the sky?
What memories and friends below?
What lasting legacy?

What service rendered to my King,
What love to others shown?
What joyful song I "used to sing",
What seeds of kindness sown?

What kind of witness would I leave,
If I should die today?
Would anyone in Christ believe,
And choose the Narrow Way?

"Dear Lord, I know how weak I am,
And-oh!-so prone to stray!
But yet I hope that by Your grace
E'en just one soul would see Your face
And be caught up in Your embrace
Because they watched me run the race
And through it faithful stay-

If I should die, today."