Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dino Dung Discovery Disturbs Darwinian Dogma

The latest issue1 of Creation magazine contains an interesting article about the discovery of remains of several different types of grasses in dinosaur coprolites (fossilized feces) from India. The discovery was somewhat surprising for evolutionists, since grasses were not supposed to have evolved until some 10 million years after the dinosaurs became extinct. Evolutionists are quoted as saying that the discovery "would completely revise what we've thought about the origin of grasses"2 and "will force reconsideration of many long-standing assumptions"3 about dinosaurs.

Now I have no problem with having to revise theories occasionally; nobody knows everything, and every theory is subject to change with new information. Nevertheless, this is only one small example among an innumerable host of similar situations in which some new find or other "forces" evolutionists to "completely revise everything we know" about some aspect of their theory. It stretches credibility to the breaking point after so many years of constantly revising "everything we know" at every other discovery. Especially since these are the very same people who insist that their view is the only correct view and should be dogmatically pushed in all public schools to the complete exclusion of any and all other competing theories. If everything they thought they knew about grasses and any of the numerous other cases could be so drastically changed so easily, why should anyone accept what they so confidently state in other areas? Who's to say some new discovery won't "completely change" all of that?

In stark contrast to the shifting sands upon which evolution is based, the Word of God, which is the foundation of creation doctrine, stands sure and unchanged throughout all ages. Several thousand years before Christ, the writer of Job described an animal he calls "behemoth", which many creationists believe was some kind of dinosaur. Note the description: "Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox..."4 Long before modern science ever discovered dinosaurs, much less found out they ate grass, the Word of God gave an accurate description of these creatures and their food.

So, who are you going to trust? Fallible man whose opinion needs to be revised with almost every new discovery, of the Word of an infallible God that is only being confirmed with every new discovery modern science makes?

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