Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Hello, and welcome to my blog.

Now what? Hmmm...

I am quite new at this, so please bear with me as I learn in the weeks and months ahead.

Let me briefly introduce myself, and this blog. You can call me Nate. That's not my real name, but I've been using it on some web forums elsewhere, so I'm rather used to it by now. I am a young-adult male, and I live in the midwest [which I think should properly be called the mid-east, considering it's location on the continent; but anyway]. Other than that, there's not much to say about me.

Ok, so why start a new blog, when there are already millions out there? Well, of the many things I enjoy doing, the top three [or somewhere right in there] are reading, writing, and argui--I mean, debating. This blog is a way to hit all three birds with one stone. The idea is to take what I have read, am reading, and will read and write my thoughts about it up here; and hopefully we can have some stimulating discussions in the process.

I must warn you beforehand, though, that I come from a rather unique position, being a young-earth creationist Mennonite Christian. I believe the Bible is the ultimate authority in every area of reality, and I strive to understand anything and everything in light of its inspired teachings. Hence, the name of this blog. So, whether I'm reading the newspaper, or National Geographic, a devotional book, or a novel; I always go back to God's Word to get a proper understanding of the issues involved.

A few more words of warning. I have a very hit-and-miss style of writing, meaning I might write every day for a week, then miss a whole month. I'm working on that, but don't hold your breath. :) Also, I tend to use sarcasm a teensy bit too much. Just so you know ahead of time. I'm working on that too, so feel free to tell me to "chill". One more warning, and this might be the most important--my posts tend to get very, extremely long. Yeah, I'm working on that too [hey, nobody said I was perfect!]. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Now, let's post this and see what happens. If nobody shows up, I guess I'll just have a stimulating conversation with myself. :)


a newbie blogger

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