Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trivial Pursuits

"Songs That Answer Questions"

I don’t want to spend my time, writing songs to answer questions that nobody’s even asking, anyhow. When the house is burning to the ground, there’s just no time to stand around, arranging all the pictures on the wall. I want to spend my life giving folks the living water, and the Bread of Life they just can’t live without...

I don’t want to spend my time praying prayers bombarding heaven with requests to rain down fire on saints who care. In our methods we may differ, but if Christ the Lord we live for, may we not forget the enemy’s out there...

These are pieces of a song that has been running through my mind lately. I was trying to find the lyrics, but they don't seem to be available anywhere, so I transcribed it. The song was written by Bill Gaither.

While some of the teaching might be questionable, depending on how you understand what he is saying, the picture he paints has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. Who in the world would mess around arranging pictures when their house is burning down?! Either do something useful or get out!

Yet strangely, a lot of Christians, myself too often included, seem remarkably content to bury themselves in trivial pursuits while God's House is being attacked from without and divided from within.

I'm reminded of another stark image that is sometimes used to remind us of our proper priorities concerning evangelism. This one is of people sitting on a hillside making daisy chains while all around them others walk unheedingly over the edge of a cliff.

What do we think we're doing? What do I think I'm doing? Is God going to be happy with that kind of behavior and attitude? I think not! And we all know that. So why do we persist in fiddling with the decorations while people perish around us? God help us!

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You write a very readable and inspired blog. I've listed it as a favourite to revisit.