Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Real Global Warming

There is a lot of talk going around these days about global warming, even among Christians. Many people are scared to death of the predicted results of what we are supposedly doing to our planet. I recently came across an article on the Christian Worldview Network that helped to put things into better perspective by warning of an even more serious kind of "global warming." Unlike environmental global warming, the causes of which are hotly debated and the remedy for which is unsure at best, this kind of warming is definitely caused by man, and can also be remedied, at least in part, by man. In fact, each one of us can help to make a difference.

The article is called "An Inconvenient Truth: Global Pew Warming." The author, David Raynaud, uses the analogy of global warming to describe the epidemic of what Ray Comfort calls "false conversion", people who "come to Christ" because they have been told that He can benefit them in various areas of their lives. These people lack true repentance because they have not admitted they are sinners in the first place. But by definition, someone who does not admit he is a sinner and does not repent of his sin cannot be saved. Yet the church, which is supposed to be a body of people who have been cleansed by Jesus' blood and are living a holy life under the power and direction of the Holy Ghost, is filled with these unconverted sinners. This causes a whole host of problems in the church, some of which Mr. Raynaud mentions.

He points to conformity to the world and wholesale adoption of its ideas as the causes of this global warming, and lays the blame at least partly on leaders who aim more for success according to the world's standards than faithfulness to God and His Word. This warming can be reversed, but it won't be easy, quick, or fun. Each of us can do our part by "making your calling and election sure," [2 Peter 1: 10] and being "on fire for God", rather than being lukewarm Christians (whom God has threatened to spit out [Revelation 3: 16]) or "pew warmers". We can also take God's Word seriously, and start living by its teachings rather than only talking about them.

Global pew warming is a serious problem with terrible eternal consequences for millions of people. What are you and I doing about it?

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