Saturday, June 02, 2007

ET: Nothing New Under the Sun

I recently attended a seminar by Gary Bates of Creation Ministries International on the topic of aliens and UFOs, and how they relate to the Bible. In both the seminars and his excellent book, Alien Intrustion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection [which can be found on his website], Gary presents a compelling argument for the real nature of aliens and the reasons behind their immense popularity in our society.

There is more going on than meets the eye, and it is extremely important that we be aware of it and able to deal with it properly, not only in the society at large, but probably even more importantly in the church. Sadly, much of the church has either ignored this topic completely, or fallen into one extreme or the other of denying all accounts of aliens completely or trying to reinterpret the Bible to fit aliens and flying saucers in where they do not belong.

Gary presents a balanced view, one that is supported by both science and scripture, that these phenomena are indeed real, but they are not caused by intelligent beings from another planet. Rather, he shows that Satan and his fallen angels are and have always been in the business of deceiving the world, and even God's people. To the Greeks and Romans, and many other ancient cultures, it was in the form of gods and goddesses. To others, fairies and elves. To our postmodern "enlightened" society, it is in the form of "saviors" from another planet or star, or even dimension, here to help us evolve to a higher level.

Gary examines the messages these beings are supposedly giving to their abductees and followers, and shows that something very deceptive and evil is going on, something that the church in particular cannot afford to ignore. Like it or not, this type of phenomenon is on the rise, and if we as Christians are going to be able to deal with it effectively, we need to understand the true nature of it and the purpose behind it.

Interestingly enough, these "visitors" do not hold Bible-believing Christians in high regard. In fact, we are viewed as obstacles keeping the rest of humanity from acheiving a higher level of evolution. "Aliens" are real; and if you are a Bible-believing Christian, they do not like you. Don't you think it's time you find out the truth and stop ignoring this "fringe" issue? The future of our society, and probably the church, will likely depend in part on how we respond to this issue. The Bible does have the answers, even for questions like this. It's up to us to know those answers and use them effectively.

Our "ET creators" are supposedly coming back. Are you prepared to counter their deception with the truth of our real Creator, Who is coming back, and soon?

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